Yacht management

Yacht Management to Help Fulfill Your Dreams

3118623520_bc6cab3b59Owning a boat is one of the most pleasant things in the world. Taking care of a boat is one of the worst. It is an age old conundrum that has stymied sailors since the the first animals skins were stretched and set on bound reed boats. Gale Force’s yacht management services can help.

We offer consulting on the things you need – like what sails, electronics, rigging, and bottom paint to use with a keen eye to value, sustainability and your bottom line.

We offer over land and over water yacht transportation solutions that will help you make it to the start line or that snug anchorage you have always dreamed of.

Gale Force can also help make your next regatta a carefree experience by handling the logistics for the event.  If you goal is to win you must be free to focus on nothing but sailing.  Gale Force Sailing can support your efforts and help you win.

We also offer a full range of management services that will take the drudgery out of ownership and free you to show up and sail.  Spring commissioning, winter decommissioning, annual maintenance and emergency repairs.  Whatever your needs are — we have a program that can help you have the freedom to just show up and sail.

Call us – we probably have an answer to your questions.

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