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Innovative Team Building Activities on the Water

3117799265_4714e91c5cOur team building and leadership development programs help new and seasoned teams develop and practice vital skills, accomplish difficult tasks, improve performance, and have fun together.

Sun, wind, spray, and beautiful views get your team out of the “bored” room; while our yacht “classroom” provides a dynamic, engaging, high-energy setting for optimum learning.

Our challenges are proven team builders. We focus on fellowship, personal leadership skills, and creative problem-solving techniques. These are the building blocks for creating high achieving teams and effective teams.

Whether you’re building a new team, energizing and existing one, or just want to have fun; we can design and deliver programs that satisfy your needs and provide measurable ROI. We guarantee fun and deliver much more.

Our programs are tailored to each client and rely on core principles including de-inhibiting, empowering, and engaging every participant. We conduct a needs assessment and develop unique strategies that deliver beyond your expectations.

There is no experience necessary, and because sailing takes brains – not brawn – everyone is involved.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator highlights and explores the commonplace idea that people are fundamentally different; that is, people have different mindsets that shape different thinking, which in turn shaped different modes of communication.

MBTI preference knowledge improves communication among professionals so that things like team development; problem solving and overall effectiveness are strengthened.

Most MBTI workshops take a classroom approach through which participants review MBTI basics and get to know their own preferences, and that of others, through preference specific exercises.

But there is another way. Julie Androshick, Principal at Kenning Associates and Kristen Berry, owner of Gale Force Sailing, have collaborated to develop SailMBTI.

Our yacht “classroom” provides a dynamic, engaging, high-energy setting of sun, wind and spray that provides an atmosphere of enthusiasm in which to learn.

SailMBTI is a unique process that uses the challenges of sailing to

  • Validate Myers-Briggs type
  • Reveal communications issues that arise as a result of preferences
  • Improve awareness of behavior in a challenging setting
  • Increase effectiveness of team communication

SAIL MBTI programs work by providing teams opportunities to develop and practice vital skills through accomplishing difficult tasks and have fun together which helps participants experience type awareness in a meaningful way that can then be applied to their work setting.

The SAIL MBTI program is a one or two day exercise where participants first review MBTI concepts and conduct basic preference exercises.

Armed with a better understanding of their type, the participants break into small team units and meet their professional sailing coach who will act as a guide throughout the on the water challenge. Immediately, participants begin learning the fundamentals of sailing and will work together with their teammates to sail their yacht.

Empowered with the skills necessary to sail their own yacht through the challenge course, participants will work within in their small teams and have to coordinate with the other teams to meet a challenge set by the event coordinators.

The sailing challenge highlights communications issues, leadership, problem solving, and strategic planning in a fun and exhilarating environment. Throughout the program the participants are lead in peer to peer debriefs to discuss what they learned through the process, to validate type and how it applies to their working environment.


Because sailing requires many of the same skills as business excellence— leadership, delegation, teamwork, communication, decision-making, and focus on the common goal— it is an effective environment for developing teams, leaders, and fellowship.

Sail MBTI is an innovative team building and leadership development program that, through assessing MBTI preferences, provides tools for improved communication and interpersonal skills.

Whether you are building a new team, energizing an existing one, or just want to have fun, we custom design and deliver programs suited to your professional development needs.

Contact us to begin building your program TODAY!

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