Professional & Customizable Sailboat Coaching

3117796337_b456cf9393Everyone could use a coach. More and more it seems like everyone has one.  Whether you’re an NBA standout, America’s Cup star, or a regular Joe or Jane – a coach can help.

As coaches we strive to be knowledgeable, capable, organized and fun. In the end the gentle push, clear explanation, or supporting encouragement can help you reach your goal. Regardless of your ability level, we can help. Bring us your goal and we will help make it a reality.

Good coaching is the best way to get started right. Sailing schools are fun (call us we can recommend a few), but may not be the right choice for everyone. Some people need or want highly personalized instruction or want to expedite their learning.

Coaching for the cruising day sailing and family teams…

Some boat owners will realize that coaching can work for their boats because they are not best suited to coach their own crews or could even use a little help themselves.

Maybe you are ready to really improve this year and a fundamentals program might be the ticket to getting more time on the water and maybe saving a few friendships.

Coaching for the racing sailor…

Regardless of whether you are new to racing or want to improve your score line Gale Force coaching can make the difference. Organized practices, a critical eye, and a clear sense of your goals, and utilization of the latest techniques and technologies make our racing coaching the best there is. Improve your boat handling, speed, and tactics with our onboard and video coaching.

Contact us to find out more.

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